Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Small Boys and World Peace

This is a picture of my mom, lovely sisters, and moi. I like my sisters. I also like my six brothers. I would say that I like people in general, and try to walk around with a glow of brotherly and sisterly kindness for all and a hope for world peace. However, I secretly find the world peace thing rather unlikely as long as small boys continue to exist. Let me explain...

Austin and I were recently asked to be leaders in our church! No seriously. We've done it before when we lived in Dallas, and although it's like a two hour aerobic workout trying to keep track of all the kids, you get to play games, eat snacks, sing songs, and give other parents a nice break. We're in there with another couple and we only do it every other Sunday, so it's a pretty cushy way to help out. However, the one thing that we've noticed (and in Dallas too) is that the annoying/mean/hitter/ripper/shover kid is invariably a boy. Granted, these kids are all way overdue for naps by the time they get to us, and all of them, though usually sweet, can be whiny and annoying, but the mean kid? Always a boy. Now "always" is a dangerous word to use, because I'm sure that somewhere out there there is an awesomely mean little girl that wanders around nursery grabbing toys away from other kids and hitting them in the head with them, but I haven't met her yet.

I could explore the theme of males and agressiveness, war, marking their territory, domination, blah blah blah. I think we could more simply say that world peace just doesn't have a chance as long as small boys continue to go to church nursery.

Caveat: Perhaps I am just a tad biased on this subect, as I have two very good little girls.


Charity Z said...

Ha ha just to be's a girl in our nursery. Very aggressive. Typically I've seen that it's boys though. Last Sunday was so peaceful because several "key" kids were nice!

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