Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cushiony Comfort

This is a picture of the Hugga-Bebe Cushioned Baby Support, and it took me forever to find this bad boy on the internet. Mostly because I didn't know what to google. I first saw it at the park the other day. A mom put her little baby in the toddler swing next to Cici with this padded monstrosity around him. Initially, I thought she was trying to sweat a few pounds off her son, since it was 90+ degrees outside, but then I realized it was to give him a cushiony ride/help him remain upright in the swing since he was way too young for it. 

First I rolled my eyes about the state of society and the people in it who think that it's too expensive to have kids. Just stop buying useless baby gear! (That's not to say that I wouldn't buy one if they happened to make it in an adult does look pretty cushy.)  Anyway, then I looked at my pants-less stain covered child sitting next to the Pampered Prince and realized that the mom next to me was probably also rolling her eyes about the state of society, only for different reasons. I decided to move off to another area of the park with the girls, whereupon we promptly happened upon Makeout Couple lying in the grass. (Cue more eyeball rolling.) After Sammy told me that she wanted to lie down too, I decided that we should just head home. There's only a certain number of weirdys that can coexsist in one city park at the same time.


Los Sobczaks said...

That does look pretty cushy. But I'm not sure when you'd use it. You're too old for those baby swings you know.

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