Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Boob Tube

Why does my mother call it that sometimes? I don't know, but I'm afraid to google it. My best guess is that back in the day a boob was a ridiculous person, not a woman's body part. My mother thinks that watching television turns your brain into mush, televisions used to have tubes, (also a female body part btw) etc., etc., hence the "boob tube." I digress. The major topic of interest here is...obituaries.

Am I the only person out there that enjoys reading obituaries? I'm not a macabre sort of person, I just like perusing these mini-biographies. Not much information beyond basic facts=grouchy old person with not much family left. Really super long obituary=rich person with lots of civic leadership experience. Obituary with picture of person looking young and attractive in 1950 + present-day picture of old wrinkly person=sobering reminder that looks don't last.

Just a small sampling, of course. I was thinking about the big picture of life (a dangerous pastime) and decided to cut out most TV. I have two reasons for this.  1). Thomas S. Monson, LDS prophet, said recently: "Many movies and television shows portray behavior which is in direct opposition to the laws of God," he said. "Do not subject yourself to the innuendo and outright filth which are so often found there." God's straightforward commandment to you or plain old good advice, whether you believe Monson is a prophet or not.  2). I really like watching TV. Who doesn't? (Other than my mother.) I don't watch shows with outright filth and I avoid innuendo. But I really don't want my obituary to read: She spent her free time watching reality television. I want to be remembered for way cooler things than that.

What do you want your obituary to say? Here's an example, so as not to end on a somber and life-changing note. RIP, Bob Jones. He died in his sleep with a serene smile on his face...unlike his passengers, who were yelling and screaming in terror. 


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