Monday, August 22, 2011

The Weird Kid

No, this is not a post about my childhood. Nor is it a post about my husband or (despite the misleading pictures) my progeny. This is simply a short story about a weird kid.

Once upon a time there was a cute little family that decided to go camping in the woods in a canyon near their house. They were led to their campsite by a strange man called "Bob" who kept close tabs on incoming guests, tailgating them with his golf cart until they payed him their camping fees. Upon reaching their campsite, they were greeted by a stranger sight than their strange host. A ten-year-old-ish boy sat at their table with nothing before him: he simply stared off into space, ignoring the cute family who really wanted him to go away so they could set up camp.

Eventually the weird kid wandered off but continued to wander through their campsite, turning on and off the water spigot near their camp and gathering sticks and bark from the trees bordering their camp. He also brought along a weird friend, possibly his sister. They remained happily oblivious to the strange looks given them by the campers. After all, the cute family's campsite was fairly secluded, not next to anyone, and not on the way to anywhere important, like the outhouse. Anyway, the extended family of the cute little family showed up and pitched their huge tent in the middle of the trail these weird kids were using, but did that deter them? Never!

Eventually, after the weird kids walked through the middle of the family's campsite a few more times, the cute wife got annoyed enough that she confronted them. The dialogue went something like this:

Wife: Have you kids ever been camping before?
Weird Kid: Mmmhmmmumble.
Wife: Well when you're camping, it's not polite to walk through other people's campsites. It's like walking into someone's house without being invited. So from now on, just go around, okay?
Weirdys: Okay!

Obviously, the cute wife needs to work on her lecturing skills, because Weirdy #1 and Weirdy #2 continued to walk through the campsite. However, they did begin to dart into the woods whenever they saw her coming, so perhaps she had some small effect on their psyches.

The story ends with a group of about 10 noisy kids of all ages crashing through the woods and running around the family's tents and through the campsite, for no observable reason, upon which the cute husband and cute grandpa got a bunch of ropes and straps out of the van and cordoned off the entire area. The cute little family then became known as the anti-social grouches but enjoyed their trip nonetheless. The End.     


Job and Rachael said...

Cute family has got it right! I strongly dislike when weird kids walk through my campsite.

Charity Z said...

Aaahhh, good times! Sounds like a fine and pleasant misery!

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