Tuesday, October 13, 2015

All Things Bright and Beautiful

I like to think that in heaven, our white robes will be saved for special occasions only...the rest of the time we will be dressed uniquely in glorious hues and patterns, in every sparkle and sheen.

Last night I found a free hour and used it to run to the fabric store. I told myself I would just spend an hour there, but somehow I found myself lost in a maze of rainbow cloth and sequins, trying to find just the right color combinations for three little fairy costumes. With Halloween around the corner and my baby sleeping through the night, my creative side had finally woken up, and yards and yards of creative possibilities awaited. If only I had boys...they might have taken more kindly to the prospect of being the three blind mice, the three little pigs, or the three musketeers. (Little Kate would be d'Artagnan of course). Three fairies aren't as clever, but hold the advantage when it comes to making costumes--I can swirl beautiful, bright cloth around the girls and it will look wonderful no matter what. Tulle is very forgiving.