Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bugging Out

For all of you who in fascination follow my life, I happen to be at my in-laws' house right now. Because they get the National Geographic channel, I just got done watching a couple episodes of a show I've been wanting to see for quite a while: Doomsday Preppers. I have learned quite a few things, even from watching just these episodes.

Things I learned: people like to say "bug out." Earlier this year, I upgraded my 72-hour kit by simply starting to refer to it as my "go bag." If I want to stay fully prepared, I will need to begin to refer to it as my "bug out bag." The more things I do or own that start with the words "bug out," the better prepared I will be for a worst-case scenario. In fact, some people on this show even had goats that were trained to bug out. Unfortunately I don't have any livestock, but I definitely look forward to working with my parents' chickens, eventually transforming them into fully trained bug out hens.  

More things I learned: I need to buy a secure vehicle, such as a used school bus, in order to travel to my bug out location if the end of the world occurs. Apparently people won't think it's odd that schoolchildren are still attending classes. Also, I need to get my food secretly delivered at night. I recently bought about 50 bags of mini-wheats, and in case of hyper-inflation/coronal mass ejection/nuclear holocaust, all my neighbors who saw me carry them in from my car could possibly storm my house to get at my precious supply. And speaking of nuclear holocaust, one guy on the show seemed to think that the logical central location for a terrorist to detonate a nuclear bomb would be Omaha, Nebraska. Unfortunately, it's also where my in-laws live. Time to bug out.


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