Monday, July 2, 2012

Waiting for my House to Burn

We have a beautiful view out of our back window...miles and miles of mountains, waving prairie grass, splashes of green oak and pines, and not a house in sight. (Just don't look to either side of us.) Unfortunately, this loosely translates into a view of a major fire hazard steps away from the lush green grass of our backyard. This weekend, while driving home from a great week with my sis in Arizona, I witnessed the awe-inspiring sight of miles of flame rolling slowly towards the freeway. It really made me contemplate our own risk--I decided to put everything I would want to save from a fire by the front door in case we had to leave quickly.

This decision has led to little explosions of clutter all over my house today as I've sorted through stuff and picked out what I would take, and left the rest to put back neatly later. So far I have two items by the front door: one Tupperware of scrapbooks, important documents, journals, and tax stuff, and one box of Christmas ornaments. Also I would grab my computer, my 72 hour bags (not that I would need them, since we'd probably flee to my parents' house, but I have to justify owning them somehow), and oh yes, my children. Is there anything else I'm forgetting? I feel like firstly, we own too much stuff, and secondly, we have fire insurance, so I'd probably be fine with seeing everything else burn. Looking around at my messy house, I'm wondering if my fervor of cleaning and organizing efforts today was overdoing it. Do I really think my house is going to burn up? Couldn't I just turn on the sprinklers? On the other hand, if a wildfire ever hits, and if I ever finish de-cluttering, I'll know exactly what each pile of ash is when my house burns to the ground.


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