Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Beast Birthday Ever

Today is my birthday!

The Morning: After sleepily consuming the best breakfast in bed Austin has ever made me (he hates eating in bed so doesn't really get why it brings me joy) I wandered into the kitchen just in time to help Sammy put on her Belle dress she got yesterday for her birthday. "Is Dad the Beast?" I asked jokingly, giving up on my attempts to get Sammy to wear clothes under her flimsy dress up. "No," she smiled winningly, "you're the Beast." I was a little annoyed. Today is my birthday after all. "Go put your plate by the sink." "Yes, Beast."

The Afternoon: Later in the day, we went down to my parents' house and left the girls with them while Austin took me off for a little birthday surprise fun. I anticipated the nice lunch (I ate a chicken heart! (Thereby taking upon me its mighty strength!)) but was totally not expecting the trip to the indoor shooting range. It was a great idea of Austin's. I got to try out several different types of pistols to see what I preferred. We also had a little fun with a semi-automatic rifle--it took me back to my Halo-playing college days.

We aren't really gun people and didn't try to act like we knew it all. I personally learned a lot and left feeling more comfortable with firearms. Although from reading the online reviews this place* doesn't have a great customer service reputation, three different employees were nice enough to help us plus a random older gentleman who spent 10 minutes instructing me on stance, grip, loading, unloading, etc. I'm not sure, but this might have had something to do with the fact that I was at a shooting range dressed up in a skirt and little puffed sleeves. (Life lesson #761: Don't wear camo to a shooting range, you'll just blend in with the rest of the crowd...)

Tonight: We had planned to go to the waterpark later in the evening, but all the shooting and eating was kind of tiring. I tried to put the girls to sleep at 5:30, but for some reason they weren't thrilled about this. They finally went to sleep and now I am blogging because at the end of the day, I really like to write and Masterchef isn't on...boooooo. I'm off to eat Pralines and Caramel ice cream from BYU and drink fancy water in a wine glass! Ciao!

*It's called "Get Some" Guns and Ammo. They answer their phones, "Get some." ??


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