Friday, March 2, 2012


Welcome to my house!

Be sure to say hi to the Welcome Bear as you come in!

If you can make it past the 5 foot high snow drift in the driveway...

I would love to see you!

So I know you are wondering...what does one do with a 5 foot high snow drift in the driveway? Well,  when all one owns is a shovel, and one's husband is gone, one goes outside, moves a little snow around to try and incite the pity of neighbors with snowblowers, then takes lots of pictures and blogs about it. See you soon!


Job and Rachael said...

Holy cow that's a lot of snow! Good luck!
Love the welcome bear :)

Sara said...

I hate shoveling snow. I probably wouldn't have even tried. Instead, I would drink hot chocolate and watch the chums who do shovel snow from inside my cozy house. That's a great snow day.

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