Monday, March 5, 2012

At the Local Bar

I wish I had gotten a picture of Austin and I at the bar on our weekend date. No, we haven't suddenly taken to the bottle. This was no ordinary bar, people. This was an oxygen bar. Now, an oxygen bar is run along the lines of selling bottled water. Why don't we charge people for an abundant resource that is readily available? It just has to look fancy and they'll pay lots of money for it! Normally I don't spend money on abundant resources that are readily available, but it was included in a Groupon we got. So we sat down, hooked ourselves up (Ahh...scented air!) and kind of looked at each other and grinned. We felt pretty ridiculous. Probably because we were paying (kind of) to breathe air and we looked like terminally ill hospital patients. I wouldn't recommend it for a first date.

But if you need a date night idea, we watched a movie later that night that is worthy of your time. I finally understand the appeal of Clark Gable. (Shout out to Aunt Kristi).

Ignore the dramatic and smarmy cover. It was not dramatic and smarmy, but fun and romantic. I think you'll especially enjoy the scene with the guy who picks them up when they are hitchhiking.


Job and Rachael said...

Great movie!
And wooo aren't you two all fancy! Breathing oxygen and all that highfalutin stuff ;)
I have always wanted to see what oxygen bars were like. I shall live through you.

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