Monday, March 19, 2012

"And That's how you Load a Semi-Automatic"

Our 5 year wedding anniversary is coming up in June. On the wish list:

Custom made ring

Biometric fingerprint scanning safe

Spacious gun concealment shoulder purse

Smith and Wesson .38 double action enshrouded hammer revolver.

It also has integrated laser sights, although I'm not sure whether that would be useful to me or not.

Choices, choices. My list originally started out with just the ring, but then I went to a class to get my concealed weapons permit. My husband was nice enough to watch the kids so I could go to the four hour course last Friday night, and although the class went late, which I usually hate, I had a great time. We were waiting for the class to start, and the instructor asked us why we were interested in getting a concealed weapons permit. One guy started talking about a cougar he encountered in the woods while hunting, blah blah blah. Not sure why you need a concealed gun for cougars. I think he was just trying to sound cool. However, the instructor quickly one-upped him by talking about the time he saw two cougars and a couple cubs. Bam. It was clear that the instructor would easily be able to retain his dominant male status.

Actually, there weren't as many testosterone-filled men in camo there as I thought there would be. It was a nice mixture of men and women and people that felt compelled to ask the instructor in front of all of us about past crimes they had committed as we filled out our permit forms. All in all, it was a very informative class, and made me feel more confident about buying a gun. We went over a lot of basics: how guns work, revolvers vs. semi-automatics, gun safety, and local gun laws.

There were a few low points: talking about zombies, that urban legend being brought up about the guy who hides under womens' cars and slashes their legs, (, people) and the guy behind me who got all worked up because by law if someone hurts your family member you're not supposed to revenge yourself on the perpetrator by shooting him/her in the back. Guy: You mean that even if a robber shoots my family member, I can't shoot him???? Instructor: Not if he's running away or giving up. Otherwise it looks like vigilanteism. Guy: Are you kidding me????? Blah blah blah blah ARRRgh. Me: Eyeball roll.

I haven't turned in my packet and fee to get my permit yet. Guns are a serious thing with some ownership pros and cons to consider. However, I really want one. Should I forge ahead with this? 

Shopping in Texas:


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