Monday, April 4, 2011

Spa Time With Hubby

We just moved a mountain of boxes and I decided it was time to use our spa certificate for a couples massage to soothe our aching muscles! When I called to set up the appointment, I learned that "Stephen and Deana" would be giving us our massages. Hmm, that sounds like a guy and a girl. I wonder if I should tell Austin. I wonder who should have the guy and who should have the girl. ??? Well, this will only be weird if we make it weird.

The thing about guy massage therapists, (masseurs? masseuses? We'll stick with massage therapist.) is that one tends to wonder what their motives were for going to massage school and becoming massage therapists. I know it's probably unfair to them, since we don't really think about such things with female massage therapists. But really.... Also, one tends to wonder strange things about male massage therapists as they give therapy to your back, such as, I wonder if he shaves his arm hair off?

Anyway, I digress. When we got there, after waiting for several minutes next to the most bored looking six-year-old boy I've ever seen, our massage therapists came to get us and "Stephen" introduced himself as my massage therapist and "Deana" introduced herself as Austin's. One potentially awkward choice avoided. It was relaxing, we both enjoyed it. I think we should go to therapy more often.


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