Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Decorating Dilemma

Someone out there help me....I want to decorate Sammy's room but I'm not sure what to do with it. It gets super cold when it's cold outside and super warm when the sun's out. So what color to paint it? You can't tell from the pics but it's a peachy brown right now. I want it to be girly but not painted pink. Maybe yellow with lots of white, lacy, pearly accessories. Following are some pics. Cool alcove... Keeping white dresser... Bed won't fit where crib is... Closet in way of putting bed there...
" I'm cute, hold me!!!"

I've measured the room and I'm not sure where to put a bed. A twin bed will not fit down in the alcove or where the crib is. Sammy and Felicity will be sharing this room for a while, so perhaps a bunk bed or a trundle turned parallel to the window? I found someone who makes bed frames for cheaper than you can buy them, so I could customize it pretty easily.

I'm keeping the little white dresser, but the changing table can go out of the room since I don't use it much upstairs. I want this chandelier and maybe curtains for the alcove to create a little secret area.

So, any suggestions? Want to come to my house?


Job and Rachael said...

It sounds like it is going to be sooo cute! I wish I could come over and help (with the manual labor that is. My interior decorating skills probably aren't up to snuff for a cute little girls room ;) I can't wait for the "after" pictures! :)

David Zincke said...

For the hot and cold- put up lined thermal curtains if a lot of the heat and cold are from the windows. This has helped a lot in Ellie's room. The yellow and white sounds so cute!

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