Friday, March 11, 2011

To Pee, or Not to Pee

Yesterday evening we went on a field trip to the library the next city over to pick up some travel books. All was going well until we got to the self check out machines, when I looked down and observed two small puddles forming around Sammy's shoes. I stood there in shock (My child? Have an accident? I didn't know such a thing could happen!) and Austin quickly commandeered the situation. "Quick, run to the bathroom!" I remember wondering why exactly we were supposed to do that, since Sammy had obviously just done her business on the library carpet, but in a crisis, you just follow the first voice of authority you hear. So we ran.

The bathroom was mercifully empty--but unfortunately environmentally friendly. No paper towels! Curse you, eco-friendly library! We walked out to find Austin gone, having checked out our books and fled to the safety of the car. His devious ploy to distance himself from us became suddenly clear. "Those puddles, Miss Librarian? No, I have no idea how they got there." I glanced at the puddles, then at the door. I could do the responsible, adult thing and tell the librarians that there were now two puddles of pee on their carpet, and could they please clean it up for me, since I didn't have any paper towels thanks to their accursedly liberal environmentally-conscious paper towel policy. Or we could run.

The wind felt good in our hair as we fled to freedom. "Faster, Sammy, faster!"


Charity said...

Thanks for the good laugh Anona!

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