Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Anona's Skin Care Regimen

Makes you feel smart to say "regimen," doesn't it? Anyway, after a couple bad face days I decided it was time to update my skin care regimen. I did some research so I wasn't just pulling things off the shelf.

Old regimen: splash water on my face at night every once in a while.

New regimen:

1.) Wash with this every night. It doesn't dry my face out and it takes off eye makeup too, so I don't have to use seperate makeup remover.

2.) Lotionize with this every morning. It has sunscreen in it, keeps my face moisturized ALL DAY (drying out is a big problem here in the West) and feels lightweight. Perfect to go under my non-exsistent makeup.

3.) Scrub with this once a week. The internet said one can also use a mixture of brown sugar and olive oil, but what with doing the baking soda shampoo every once in a while, my bathroom and pantry are starting to look alike, so I just bought the scrub. I admit: I haven't actually used this one yet. Felicity has given me like 15 total hours of sleep all week. Exfoliating is not number one on my "To Do in My Spare Time" list. But I like that you can leave it on as a mask as well as scrub with it. Apparently, a deep exfoliate once a week will get rid of gross dead skin cells, which is why I bought it.

My face feels awesome. All of these are in the face care aisle at Target. Next move, save up money and buy make up.


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