Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Wake Up Call

Through a vague haze of sleep I dimly sensed a dark presence hovering silently next to our bed. "Austin!" I nudged my husband. A strangled groan was my only response; I resigned myself to my fate. "Come on, Sammy, let's go back to bed." 4:30 a.m. is just a bit too early to let your children stay up.
Yesterday I came up with the ingenious idea of plugging Christmas lights into a timer in Sammy's room and telling her she couldn't get up unless the lights were on. It worked out pretty well this morning. Yes, I was feeling pretty crafty until I read my sister's blog.... making homemade chocolates with all the neighbor kids, treasure hunts with the family, crafts and murals and field trips with the kids--how can I compete? The answer is, I can't. I'm not getting enough sleep at night, I'm lazy, and I think I lost my imagination somewhere around age 12.
I can see it now--the family reunion where my kids realize that they got the boring parents. "Can we go live with Aunty Anna?" "No! Now go watch some tv or something."
On a more serious note, I am a bit worried about having lost my imagination, so I'm working on the book again. Just to prove that I still can tell a story.


Charity said...

I don't know if it makes you feel better but I feel the exact same way when I read Anna's blog too. Also when I think about all the cute things Mom did for holidays and stuff, I just feel totally inadequate. I just tell myself over and over that there's no one right way to raise kids.

apryl said...

I feel like this all the time! I just tell myself that no one else loves my kids like I do.

Anna Marie said...

Oh my goodness, girls, seriously. If you saw my mission scrapbook you would think I never did any work! All the pictures are of the fun p-day activities! Same with my blogs--most days are humdrum, but on the occasion that we do fun stuff, I like to blog about it so when my kids get to be teenagers and tell me what a boring mom I am, I can bust out my blog and prove to them I did do some fun projects here and there with them. (Notice how long I generally write between my blog entries!)

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