Thursday, February 17, 2011


A few days after the Cinderella Sucker episode I made a run to the grocery store with my two girls to pick up some kleenex and juice for my sick husband. Sammy sat in the back of the cart and Felicity's car seat was up front. That car seat in front makes it a little hard to see around her to steer, but I made it through the store with no problems and even rarer--no impulse buys!
Anyway, while checking out, the cashier lady asked me if my girls could have a sucker. Not wanting to be the anal mom that won't let her kid have a sucker, I said, "Sure, just one though--this one's too small." (Gesturing to Felicity in her car seat.)
"Oh, no, the baby will feel sad if she doesn't get a sucker too!" The kind lady exclaimed, and then proceeded to hand two suckers to my two-year-old child. (Presumably, one was for Felicity?) Not just any suckers though. These were the EXACT SAME SUCKERS the ballerinas at Cinderella gave us. Red. Big. Messy. And now Sammy was holding two of them.
I just stood there with my mouth open. You can never think of the right thing to say when these things happen to you, such as: "My baby is 4 months old, lady! The only thing she likes to suck on are my boobs!" No, you think of those zingers on the long car ride home as you try to trick your ecstatic two-year-old into handing over her suckers.


The Mom! said...

Anona! you make me smile!!!!
I hate that too, thinking of the good response latter after it's all over!!!

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