Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Special Date

Austin had the great idea of taking Sammy to the ballet performance of Cinderella. We told her we were taking her on a Special Date. BYU was having a matinee and especially inviting kids to come. Sammy got to dress up in her princess outfit and we got to meet the beautiful ballet dancers beforehand. (We stayed away from Prince Charming--he looked a little sketch.) I was a little nervous about how Sammy would do watching the performance but she really liked it and asked a ton of questions about the dancers. (Mom: Quiet voice! Quiet voice!)
The only downside was that some ding-dong decided it would be a good idea to give all the kids big red heart suckers for the perforance. Two sticky hands, three stains on her white turtleneck, fifteen queries after her sucker's whereabouts, and fifty-six (Mom: Quiet Voice!)'s later, we decided to leave during the second! intermission. (It was a little long.)
Sammy didn't mind leaving--probably since she knows the story of Cinderella by heart (and frequently asks me to co-star as the Wicked Step-Sister ripping her dress and the Fairy Godmother singing Bibbiti-Bobbiti-Boo to fix it).
Hopefully she will have fond memories of our Special Date. Probably not, since she's only two, but at least we have the pictures to prove we went.


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