Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Aftermath

January is a slow month. The excitement of Christmas over, the gloom of winter stretching before me with no end in sight. I've just been hanging out with kids and trying to muster up the energy to take down Christmas decorations, trying to decide if I have SAD or if everyone just gets a little stuck in the winter.  

 One thing I've been trying to do is experiment with what my optimal amount of sleep is. I think I've actually been getting a little too much sleep--as in, I've been waking up in the middle of a sleep cycle so I feel tired. After trial and error, my optimal amount is about 7 hours. This means I can stay up until 11! Whoo-hoo! I did this for 4 or 5 days with great results--I didn't even need to take my precious afternoon nap. Unfortunately, my sleep schedule has been foiled by Kate the Cute. With a new tooth coming in, she's been waking up at odd hours. Aargh. This has turned me back into an unmotivated blob these past few days. Good thing she's so cute.

I do have some fun things coming up. I'll be teaching a 6 week homeschool writing class to a group of my teenage relatives starting February. We're going to Hawaii over Valentines Day. Also I started a new writing project while I'm waiting for inspiration to strike for a book. We travel a lot, and I end up blogging a lot about travel because I like to write about it, so I thought, why not start a new blog devoted to travel? I want to have Austin guest blog about how we use points and miles to get places, and I'll pull in some past stories from this blog as needed. I'll blog twice a week, and my intended readership (once I build up the posts a bit) will be much broader than a blog like this, where I share more personal stuff. (So I'm using my first name on the other blog, because my middle name is just so...searchable). It's still kind of in development stage, so feel free to give me feedback, but you can go take a look: travelspouse.blogspot.com. 


Kristin White said...

Cool! I like what you have written so far!!

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