Friday, January 15, 2016

The Aftermath: Part 2

Kate's new trick--kneeling up!

Well, the Christmas decorations are down. The nissemen, the nativity, the garlands, the baubles, the Christmas books...all packed away. It's like the Grinch was here. I like lots and lots of lights on my Christmas tree. I think I put on about 10 strands this year. Taking them off, not so enjoyable. The tree kept attacking me, I wanted a nap, and the kids kept being needy as I was bear-hugging the tree trying to unravel the maze of lights. I finally got so frustrated that I started snapping off the weak little dried up Christmas tree branches just to get the lights off faster. It really looks like someone murdered a tree in my front room. We're going to need some serious vacuum power here.  


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