Sunday, September 11, 2011

Psycho-delic Owls

The owls....they're, they're staring at me! They're so cute and colorful, yet so creepy! So I've been having a few problems with my blog recently. I woke up one day, and something had happened to my font. I've been messing with it ever since, but haven't quite gotten it right.

I mean, the debate just between serif and sans-serif  (in French: feet, no feet) can be a lengthy one in and of itself. Serif makes for a faster read and includes comfortable old friends like Times New Roman. Sans-serif is crisp, clean-cut, easy on the design-attuned eye. I love you too, Calibri.  But where is the quirky yet straightforward font that falls somewhere in between? If it's too weak, I've tried the bold, no bold mix-up, and then there's getting the right size of font for people to take the whole thing seriously.

I thought a new layout might fix it, but I'm still not satisfied....favorite fonts, anyone?


Charity Z said...

The owls are slightly disturbing but the fruit loops on the border are just confusing :) I've always liked Ariel font.

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