Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Early Morning When I Wake Up, I Look Like Kiss

...but without the makeup. I'm a homemaker. What do I do all day? Here's an average day for me.

6:30 am: Cici wakes up, Sammy wakes up, we eat breakfast, read scriptures, get dressed.
7:30 am: Exercise--walk w/ girls or Wii Fit, or just clean up supper from the night before.
8:00 am: Cici down for morning nap, I shower, read books with Sammy, clean up, do prep work for other meals, sometimes Sammy watches a show while I shower (Television, the universal symbol of parenting failure. Oh well.) we listen to music, I check email, blogs, read the online news for the day, and/or work outside on our lawn.
10:00 am: Snack time, Cici wakes up, feed her, play with girls, work on project
du jour (usually sorting something) email people back, make phone calls
11:00 am: Lunchtime!
11:30 am: Naptime for Sammy! Cici and I hang out, I read books or blog
12:00 pm: Cici down for nap, I read scriptures and take a nap (Both vital! A nap is not a luxury!) Sometimes I write in journal or blog, watch a Tivo'd show, or read a book. (Just finished reading Amy Chua's "Tiger Mother." Must be a tougher Mom!) This is my rejuvenation time when both the girls sleep. When this doesn't happen, I get grouchy.
2:30 pm: Both girls wake up around this time. Snack time! We run to the library, grocery store, or park. Dinner prep, last minute tidy up before Austin gets home, I primp a little.
5:00 pm: Supper time!
5:30 pm: Family hang out time, walks, errands, bathtime, play with girls, read books, etc. Sometimes we clean up supper.
6:30 pm: Bedtime prep starts. Cici gets last feeding, girls in jammies, Sammy teeth brushed, songs, prayer. Cici gets plopped in crib; Mom counts Sam's bedtime rountine as part of Cici's.
7:00 pm: Blissful silence, punctuated by Sammy talking to herself and finding excuses to get out of bed.
8:00 pm: Girls more asleep. Mom and Dad hang out, watch tv, read, work on projects, etc.
10:00 pm: Sweet sleep! (unless I'm reading a really good book)

p.s. I noticed that I put exclamation marks for most naps and meals. I guess that's because we really like to eat and sleep


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