Thursday, June 2, 2011

ASBC: I Should Have Gone On Vacation

"People will suffer less when they do not disrupt annoying experiences, and enjoy pleasurable experiences more when they break them up. Any interruption, they guessed, would keep people from adapting to the experience, which means that it would be bad to break up annoying experiences but useful to interrupt pleasurable ones (Ariely 177-78)."

This means we should have gone on a cool vacation instead of buying a house. I've adapted to my house now; I guess I no longer get as much pleasure out of it as I did when we first bought it. Anyway, when we first moved in, I wanted to paint everything and buy furniture and artwork to fill up my beautiful house, Extreme Makeover style. But if I read correctly, I will get more joy out of slowly redecorating my house, room by room, year by year, because I'll be breaking up the pleasure and enjoyment of buying new things. That's good, because I can't afford Extreme Makeover.

One more personal insight. My intuition tells me to wait a while before we have another baby, otherwise I'll go crazy from the sleepless nights. Reading Chapter 6 tells me my intuition is wrong. I should have another child very quickly (if possible) because I've adapted to the disagreeable experience of getting no sleep. I guess you could go the other way and say welcoming a new baby into the family is a pleasurable experience (which it certainly is) so you should break it up. However, I see my parents trying to adapt to taking care of small children after so many years of grown up kids and am leaning towards grouping my years as a crazy woman together.


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