Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's Not the End

Back in the United States! And the first order of business...the elections! I waited in line to vote for over an hour with my two kids, but at least we all got stickers! I was disappointed that Romney wasn't elected, mostly because I like change (Yes, we can!) and I was curious to see what he would actually do after all his flopping around on the issues. But let's be real: Romney was one of two uninspiring choices, not the prophesied Messiah. And in that spiritual vein, here are some fun Mormon myths to read about:

I'm not very passionate about politics, but I am proud of our country. In Egypt, the people don't support their elected leaders if they didn't vote for them--they throw rocks and burn buildings to show their disapproval. At least we haven't gotten too far past rants on Facebook. 


Austin said...

So? Is the Constitution going to hang by a thread of not? And Steve Martin is totally Mormon.

e.a.s. said...

Well, there are no first-hand sources for Joseph Smith saying this, only "a friend of mine heard that the Prophet said this" 50 years after the fact sort of thing. Apparently he did talk about the Constitution several times and say that it would be in peril, and the Elders would help uphold it. But you know how we Mormons are...we like to dramatize everything. That's probably what drew Steve Martin to the LDS faith.

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