Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Because I dislike scammers so much.

Yesterday I posted my sister-in-law's wedding dress online for sale, and today I had this interesting exchange:

Mystery Texter: still for saleWhite Wedding Dress with Sleeves

Me: Yes it is ( space, no question mark.)

Mystery Texter: Okay good but before i do I will like to know the present condition of the item because i live in 1350 S.E. 29th Street, MY and i want to get it for my friend who live in Downtown but recently move to west Africa about mid week of last week, i will like u to find out the shipping cost to him and let me know the total cost of everything, i will b paying u through My paypal, do u have an acct with

Me: Please don't text me again.

(MY is not a state abbreviation, you mentioned Africa and PayPal in the same sentence, why would a guy need a wedding dress, and I really need my nap.)

Mystery Texter: OMG! HOH....I understand how you feel and what do you think I can promise you that if I help pay for the item including shipping costs and any costs order which is why I said that we should use PayPal to the PayPal payment is so safe and secure for both buyers and sellers on-line fastest way to pay and 100% free of fraud are really interested in this article, I will not afford to lose,

(Is there anything worse than ending a sentence with a comma? And HOH? Don't you mean LOL? Seriously, I need my nap.)

Me: If you text me again I will have my husband track down your real address, find out who else you have defrauded or tried to defraud, then I personally will prosecute you in my free time. In fact I am considering doing this even if you don't text me again because I dislike scammers so much.

And that was the end of that. Maybe if I wasn't so tired I would have had a little more fun with this person before I tried to scare them. On the bright side, it was yet another reminder of the practicality of majoring in English--the detection of bad grammar is a sure-fire way to protect yourself from a malicious scammer.


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