Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Road Trip Madness

Here I am in Omaha, Nebraska, one week and 4350 miles after I left home...942 to go tomorrow.  I have seen more of God's green country in this past week than I have in the past two years. Austin and I really liked the northern parts of Ohio, Pennsylania, and New York. We might move there someday.

Recap Part A:We saw a lot of church history sites. We saw Niagara Falls and Scranton, PA.  We went to the Nauvoo Temple. We had multi-generational bonding and multi-generational fighting over directions and multi-generational driving in circles around small towns trying to find our way out. We survived a massive storm that felled trees around us. We saw Amish people.

Recap Part B: I am really really sick of road trips and I'll never do this again with small children. I will sit in my living room and stare at the mountains for 5 days and then maybe, just maybe, I will take a very small drive to visit my parents.


Charity said...

There are reasons I refuse to drive anywhere longer than 12 hours away with my kids. I value my sanity. See you soon!

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