Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fun House vs. Cute House

I remember when we were growing up Mom would let us build huge blanket forts. It was super fun. When I got older and stopped making forts and started having to clean the house I would complain to her about what a mess the boys were making building their forts. (Getting older=becoming not fun)

Anyway, based on this and other life experiences, I've realized that you can have a cute and clean house, or you can have a fun house. I don't think you can have both with kids.

My recent example is the bunk bed I put up yesterday in Sammy's room. (All by myself! With 4 small kids running/crawling around!) I was all set to do a cute, girly room for her and Cici with a cute white bunk bed in it, when we found this chunkamunka slide bed in the online classifieds. A slide bed! We knew Sammy would freak out in joy. I knew it wouldn't look cute. Oh well. Sammy loves it. I'm kind of in favor of the "cute and clean" house, but for the rest of her life Sammy will probably remember her fun slide bed that was way too big for her room.


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