Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crazy Politics

I've found that if headlines have words like "Crazy," "Confessions," or "Crispy" in them, I'm much more likely to read the article. Actually, on further reflection, I think I learned that from Newsies. Anyway, this post is about my political views. My political views are:


Yep, you read that right. I attribute my strong political views and my ability to freely and intelligently converse about politics to my parents. It's easy to go overboard with the whole "blame the parents for all my weirdness and life problems" thing, but in this case, I think they might agree with me in my assertion that they are to blame for my lack of interest in politics. For some reason, Mom and Dad thought who you voted for was supposed to be a big secret. (Um...isn't the whole point of politics to try to get other people to see things your way?) So we don't really talk about politics in our family. Perhaps because politics = open arguing, and we are more the passive-agressive types.

Now, if you're with my extended family, you can enjoy vigorous arguing with super conservatives and people who are liberal just to annoy the conservatives and independents who annoy everybody, because everybody knows that voting for an independent is the same thing as fence-sitting.

Have I annoyed someone reading this? Good. I think I'm ready to venture into politics.


Anna Marie said...

Ha! Ha! I love it! In regards to political Independents though, according to Glenn Beck (whom I also love!) one should always vote their conscience, even if by doing so their vote might "not count." I struggled with that issue in the last election, so I was glad to come across his thoughts on the matter. I find as I have pondered it, I quite agree!

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