Friday, January 21, 2011

"Parenting, Inc." by Pamela Paul

This is the book I'm in the middle of reading right now. The basic premise is that parenting has turned into an industry that is trying to sell us a lot of crap that we don't need and that we should just let our kids go back to playing with pots and pans. It's always nice to read a book that gives you a self-righteous glow of satisfaction that your own viewpoints have been validated.
I mean, it's really true that my kids don't need most of the stuff that's out there to buy. That laundry basket full of small toys that I gathered up from the living room this morning? I could throw all of them away and Sammy wouldn't even notice they were gone. And she has a lot less toys than some of her little friends. You know, maybe I could keep playing "Princess" with her in her favorite Sunday dress instead of buying (another) official Disney Princess dress. I could keep letting her play with her bucket and cup in the tub instead of buying her all those foam letters and numbers that have been on my Amazon wish list. I could keep checking out books from the library instead of buying her those great LeapFrog movies. But the average American kid gets 40 new toys a year. I don't want my child to fall behind! So I'm off to Target. Right after we watch this educational tv show that will teach her to love reading...


Charity said...

Pretty funny! I agree though- we need to let our kids be creative with what we have.

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