Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Double Trouble: The Thrilling Saga Continues

Day 2: Sammy impresses by peeing 3 times in the toilet, with 0 accidents. The downside: she spends most of the day sitting on the potty with Mom (me) entertaining her. And she pooped right after she went to bed. The main reason I'm potty training is so I don't have to change gross adult-poop diapers from my 2 1/2 year old. The first day we were about ready to give up on Cousin Amari, but then she peed twice in the toilet on the morning of Day 2. Success! The day went downhill for her from there though, with 3 accidents and a newfound fear of pooping on the toilet.
This day reminds me of a journal entry from right after Sammy was born: "Being a mom means dealing with poop." I never thought that as an intelligent adult I would end up so involved in my child's bodily functions: cleaning up, planning for, talking about, etc. But the sad fact is, Sammy doesn't care about my English degree; she cares about how many books I read to her on the toilet.


The Mom! said...

that must be how we all learn to take something to read with us to the bathroom!!!

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