Monday, November 30, 2009

First class, baby!

Home again, home again... Well, we didn't buy anything on Black Friday, even though we shopped for hours, but we did bring back a little flu bug from the in-laws. Sammy woke up Sunday by puking over the side of her crib (special thanks to her--it is super hard to change the sheets) so we skipped out on church.

I would say that the high note of our trip was flying first class on the way home. You'd better believe it--Seats 1A and 1B! So roomy, so cushy, and you can play with your tray during landing because they don't care what you do! As my husband put it: "First class: where they treat you like a person." The Samster was being a pill (I'll chalk it up to her impending bout with the flu) so the tray priviledges were nice. It was a good trip, we're safely back at home now, and the hubby is flying off to work to earn us more excellent upgrades to first class. Thanks, hon!


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