Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Gentle Parent

Summer is upon us--Sammy's last day of school was today! Summer TV does not have much to recommend it, so I'm revisiting old favorites this week. The last couple days I've been watching Pride and Prejudice, (the BBC version of course), because I'm a little sick and I need something relaxing to watch in the evenings. Great dialogue, lots of dancing, and graceful, buxom, English women. I can't wait until the girls are old enough to enjoy watching it with me.

Along with being sick, I have lost my voice, and consequently the ability to speak to my girls with the parental voice of authority. I try not to yell at my kids, but often I do speak in strident authoritative tones that convey to my children that I expect them to listen to what I say. This is a real thing, known as the "Voice of Authority," i.e., using a voice that conveys to the listener that you know what you're talking about and should be listened to. (Commonly used by people who in fact know nothing. Also parents). In fact, if you say something with enough confidence most people will just accept what you say without question. For example: "The BBC version of Pride and Prejudice is the most historically accurate out of all the film versions out there." Is this true? I don't know. I say it confidently though, therefore you should trust me.
Sadly, with my voice gone, I now speak in the low dulcet tones of a refined lady of quality, the sort that pops up frequently on Pride and Prejudice. I say sadly, because with the loss of my "Mom" voice, my kids have decided it's okay to ignore most of what I say. Apparently whispering "Kids, go to bed!" does not lend itself to one getting taken seriously.


Kelly McCoy-Sobczak said...

feel better! she's gorgeous! love the motherly nurturing nature of her big sister! I still say - I love the way you write!

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