Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's Finally Up!

At the Mystery Spot in California a couple of weeks ago.

Yay! My blog post finally got posted by the mayor!

This is it

I also did the behind the scenes version here.

But here on my blog, you get the behind the behind-the-scenes version.

My house looked amazing. I was so glad lots of people showed up. One lady emailed me the night before, asking if she could come, but said she would understand if I didn't want her to. I thought she was referring to the last minute notice. She was not. Apparently she is arch-enemies with the Mayor and pretty much everyone on the city council. She came in and took a seat right across from where I was planning on seating the mayor. Just what I want him to see when he comes in, someone who hates him. Fortunately, she had to switch chairs and move. I was worried she would try to dominate the meeting, because she has quite a few agendas, but since I love running meetings with a firm and powerful hand (I told the mayor one hour!) she just said a few comments near the end. She actually seems like a really neat lady--apparently she knows everything there is to know about politics in the city--and a potentially powerful ally. I'm curious to know the story behind her statement that she has basically made enemies of everyone in the city.

The night before the meeting, a news anchor from BYU asked me if she could film the evening and me puttering about the house pretending to get ready for the mayor. I politely said no. I was already super stressed about the evening and I didn't want to turn it into a media event.

Turns out my neighborhood friend Amie is also a reporter. I did sit down and talk with her after our women's meeting. She wrote a piece here. (Our neighborhood party got moved back). After she left, I worried that I had inadvertently thrown the Mayor under the bus. Bless Amie, she made me sound good.

I had a lot of family support, which was great. I think my mom and sister were expecting to attend a bash-the-mayor event with a group of rabid feminists, so they were pleasantly surprised that in actuality, it was just a tame little Ladies' Night with the Mayor.

Off to Alaska in a few days--always another adventure!


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Way to go! I love reading about your adventures.

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