Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In Pursuit of Passion

Pursuit is a funny word. 

So I think I've talked about why I blog before--I love writing and sometimes I just have to write about something I'm thinking about. Writing in my journal is great for my private thoughts, but if I didn't blog about my more public thoughts I would miss out on the vague thrill that comes when I realize someone, somewhere, is reading what I've written. I am an author!

Lately I have been drawn to the idea of creating a blog for our neighborhood. I have all sorts of posts and ideas floating around that need to be written. My first main question is should it be anonymous or should it have my name and picture? If anonymous, I could be more honest about things such as crazy people at neighborhood meetings, but then it might be hard for people to contact me with neighborhood information they want to see on my blog. Also something to consider with going public is that it doesn't take much to propel a person to minor-celebrity status here in Provo. People would know who I was. (Again, good thing?) 

In any case, I want to do this blog because I feel there's really a need for it, whereas my current blog just fulfills my need to write and the needs of bored people to read something interesting to keep their brain from shriveling. I feel like I could influence a whole neighborhood and provide a forum to make real life change happen, and that's a cool thing. I hope this blog may have changed the way some people think about life, but that's much harder to quantify than a blog that boosts the turnout to neighborhood meetings by 50 percent.  

I'll write here on my blog when I just can't keep things to myself but I wanted to mention the current project on my mind...I'll post a link when it's ready! 


Job and Rachael said...

Very cool project! I say own it with pride and still write about the crazies! ;) Good luck, I am excited to read it.

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