Sunday, September 8, 2013

Destroying a Very Large Purchase

It's very stressful to renovate a house. We spent a lot of money to buy a cute little house then promptly started to destroy it. WHAT HAVE WE DONE?? 

Our living room (before)

Our kitchen (before). Hey, it actually looks pretty good in this photo. It could be the dim lighting...or the devilishly attractive female with the screwdriver.
But in the cold light of the's another story.
The other side of the kitchen. Note that one of the sinks is the size of a large hot dog. Who does that? 
Relaxing in our new kitchen
Laundry room off the kitchen
Demolition reveals a boarded up chimney that contained coal remnants and a toasty bird skeleton that Matthew relished showing Kellie and I.
So our first priorities are the kitchen and the floors. Those two things seemed good to get out of the way before we actually moved into the house. The floor refinisher starts tomorrow on the hardwood throughout the house, so that's one thing out of the way. Then we need to level the kitchen and dining room floor and pick an engineered hardwood to put down. We spent days getting up the Spanish tile, which was grouted to the cement board which was glued and screwed to the plywood underneath, so we might hire someone at this point to do the leveling.
The kitchen is interesting too. I think the chimney connected to the original kitchen stove, and the original kitchen was what is now the laundry room. I'm putting cupboards in the laundry room that match the new kitchen and taking out the sink behind the door and making it a pantry closet, basically turning the laundry room into a butler's pantry. Actually I just like saying "butler's pantry." I'm not sure if my laundry room qualifies as one. I'm a little nervous about the kitchen.
The basic idea

Except I don't like farmhouse sinks, or faucets that are hard to clean. Or those door pulls. Austin wants to go with white subway tile, but I worry that it's too much white. Plus everyone these days is doing a white kitchen with white subway tile. Too trendy?

We have a lot of decisions to make...any input is appreciated.


Charity Z said...

You really want input? Be careful what you ask for! :) Subway tile- blegh. Too bathroomy and sterile and boring. Sorry Austin. Also, are you sure you've thought through the whole white kitchen idea? I spend so much of my life wiping drips, smudges, fingerprints, etc off my white doors and trim and walls, the idea of white cabinets in a high traffic, high mess area of the house just gives me the shivers! Good luck with all your projects- I wish I could be there to help you!

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