Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Waiting for Godot


Every few days I get a burst of hope and inflate my birth pool...only to watch it slowly deflate over the course of the next few days as the girls play in it.

I like this warning on the bottom of the pool: (Strictly No Diving). I just envision desperate pregnant women in labor lining up trying to dive in. Sorry, that's strictly forbidden.


Sara said...

Well, I'm crossing my fingers for you to go into labor soon :-) I also really like your jaunty flower display from a few posts back. Well done.

Kellie said...

Matt announced in the van yesterday that you were tired of people asking when the baby was coming...

So I won't do that. Instead you have my full permission to never ever ever give birth. Ever.

Just kidding, I want to hold it.

Kellie said...

Correction: Not it. Her.

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