Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rebozo Rocking

I'm kind of in a pregnancy rut. Normally I love writing on my blog, reading interesting books, having a life, etc., but these days my brain is very baby-centric, so the only things I really want to write, read, or do with my life involve some aspect of the baby coming this month. (Okay, probably next month.)

Last Saturday Austin and I went to a birth class at my midwives' office. I had a hard time convincing him to go. Before Sammy was born we took the hospital-sponsored series of birth classes, and I made him go with me to the last one on breastfeeding...the memory of extreme boredom is still seared on his brain. It was probably like going to a class on baking cookies when you don't own a kitchen. However, as the ever-supportive husband he came around and said he would go with me this time, probably because I mentioned that we would learn how to use a rebozo, which sounded intriguing and weird and possibly fun to make fun of.

I thought it went well. I could tell Austin was zoned out a few times, but overall the class was very practical, especially as to labor relief techniques that the husbands could help out with. I think Austin had fun rocking my belly with the rebozo, and is now gung-ho about me chopping wood in labor...apparently there is some doctor in China that makes his laboring women chop wood out back to get their babies in good birth positions. We also got a good chuckle when the teacher mentioned the birth video of a couple that had their baby out on their back's kind of our joke that we should have the baby on our back deck and shock the neighbors. Of course I borrowed the DVD afterwards. The dad seemed very proud of their deck baby..."Yeah, I tell people that we had our baby at 3 p.m. on a Sunday, ON OUR DECK!"

More baby prep updates to come. Hopefully nothing involving our deck.


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