Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mission: Completion


I just got done with my baby blanket project! I'm going on a little vacation soon and for some reason felt compelled to get this done before I leave. The pregnant brain is a mysterious thing.

I may have mentioned this before, but sewing is not really my forte. In fact, this:

has been my most useful sewing purchase to date, because I invariably spend more time ripping out stiches than sewing them. Yes, I could have bought a blanket for way cheaper and much less effort, and yes, it would have looked better, but I feel like being the third girl, this baby needs to have something special. Despite my general lack of sewing talent, this blanket was pretty easy. I looked up a bunch of tutorials but this one was my favorite because there wasn't a seam in the middle of the binding on the edge. A blanket like this was supposed to take one hour, but of course it took me two or three. I actually think that's pretty impressive, considering the kids have been awake/needing me the whole time I've been working on it. Thank you, Dora.


Kelly McCoy-Sobczak said...

Really? Anona are there CATS on that blanket?!!!!! I do love the colors!!!! Have fun on your little vaca!! I find seam rippers very useful myself -UGH!!!

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