Monday, May 7, 2012

Magical Boise

Who would have thought that Boise, Idaho could have so much to offer? I haven't traveled with Austin for a while--I don't like to be stuck in a hotel room all day with two kids and up all night trying to get them to sleep. With the warmer weather though, we decided to venture to Boise all together, with the plan being that I would spend as much time during the day doing activities as possible outside, so that the kids would go right to sleep at night inside.

We stayed downtown, which means we could easily stroll around to so many fun places: historic downtown and many cool restaurants, Basque museum and district, glassblowers, parks galore, zoo, pioneer village, nature center, library, etc.

No idea why this huge Abraham Lincoln is in Boise...but it was cool.

At the Zoo


 Geese were everywhere! (Plus poop) Ugh.

I thought it would be fun one morning to go feed the ducks. We must have gotten to the duck pond a little early, because the ducks were still sleeping. This didn't stop us from throwing bread at them, but I don't think they were too happy about having to wake up to homemade bread-chucking tourists. They all started waddling rapidly towards us, were quickly joined by two huge geese hissing violently at us, the seagulls started circling, and well--it was starting to feel like The Birds. I tried to throw the bread really far away from us, but it wasn't working too well. The geese actually seemed more interested in eating my small children and Sammy started freaking out, whereupon we made a rapid exit.

Our last animal encounter of the journey: the nerdiest alpaca I have ever seen at a gas station in the middle of nowhere:

All in all an awesome trip!


Charity Z said...

The alpaca kind of looks like Napoleon Dynamite.

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