Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Drop, Cover, Hold On!

I don't know why this picture strikes me as oh so hilarious...maybe because it looks like an Ikea ad, except the people that coordinate their clothes with their dishes are worshipping the furniture instead of eating off of it. In reality, it's a safety ad showing what you're supposed to do in case of an earthquake. I have a few things to post about this past week--a week full of sickness and wedding madness and cake wrecks--but yesterday we had a state-wide earthquake safety drill and I want to post about that while it's on my mind.

Ever since I (finally) completed our emergency 72-hour go bags, I've been pretty enthusiastic about earthquake safety. Austin has even gone so far as to accuse me of wanting an earthquake to happen, just because I'm prepared for it. Of course not true, (well maybe just a tiny bit true) but in any case, yesterday for the earthquake drill, all Utahns were supposed to pretend there was an earthquake at 10:15 a.m. and simulate their real-life response, so I got my chance to practice. Austin was home sick in bed, and I was in bed too recovering from Cici teething and up all night, so I shook Austin violently, yelled "Earthquake!" and stuck a pillow over my head. Austin was a good sport and stuck a pillow over his head too. (Although maybe that was to drown out my yelling.)

Did you know that people who get out of bed during an earthquake significantly increase their chances of dying? For more info about what to do in various earthquake situations, I would encourage anyone who lives in an earthquake zone or who visits people in earthquake zones to read this article:

It's very clear and comprehensive, and debunks several myths about earthquake procedure. (And you get to see the Ikea ad/earthquake picture again!)


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