Monday, January 9, 2012


Rainbow Pasta Salad

Well, week two and Austin and I are still doing P90X. We've missed a couple days due to date night and such, but we have forged past our mistakes. (Hey, it's not my fault that a plate full of homemade eclairs was put in front of me!) Week one was bad because 1). I was pretty sick, 2). I was burning any extra energy doing intense workouts at night, 3). I was waking up with Cici at night,  and 4). I was spending an inordinate amount of time cutting up vegetables for meals I didn't even enjoy very much
But you know me, I'm the type to suffer in silence. It's not like my husband heard me whining all week or anything.

Week two has been better. I feel like I've adapted some of the P90X nutrition guide's weirder recipes to ones I will actually make and my family will actually eat. (Note: Egg whites are gross, the whole egg is better for you anyway!) The other night I decided to make a tuna pasta salad. In the dark recesses of our storage room I found a box of colored pastas and threw them in my pot of boiling water. Only after that did I read that instead of the delicious dyes which I normally enjoy, these pastas were colored by the massive amount of vegetables added to them. Oops. Well, they sounded very diet-friendly, even if they did smell weird. Later, I added my tuna then was lured by false advertising into substituting Greek yogurt for the mayo. "Makes a great substitute for creams and mayonnaise!"  Bugsquat. Sour cream, yes. Mayo, no.

I sprinkled more vegetables on top to hide the weird pasta and then billed it to my family as "Rainbow Pasta!" My parenting magazine says that you should make up fun names for the food your kids won't eat. (Broccoli = Shrek's Trees!) Well, it didn't work. The colorful name couldn't make up for the fact that the cucumbers were the best part of supper. We ended up going out for an impromptu date and eating unhealthy pizza. Then I felt guilty when my P90X trainer told us to stay away from poison. (Like pizza and donuts. I assume he is okay with us ingesting real poison, since he keeps pushing the P90X "recovery drink.") Learn from my mistakes. Beware of adaption gone wrong. Use the mayo.


Charity Z said...

Ha ha ha. We've had a few of those meals! It's hard to eat healthy, especially with kids. If you find good dinners that are healthy and not super high in carbs that your kids like let me know.

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